Design & Manufacture of Corporate Hoarding Panels in London

When it comes to the design and installation of site hoarding panels in London, Signstar offer the full package. We seek to provide our clients with a professional service from start to finish, offering quality products for a reasonable price. The entire process is managed in-house from our London base.

London’s Hoarding Panel Experts

We offer a selection of products and services that include the design and installation of high quality hoarding graphics, available in both matt and gloss finishes.

Our printing team can provide you with correx, foamex and aluminium hoarding panels, designed to instil corporate identity around construction sites and various other locations throughout London and the UK.

Barratts Hoarding Panel London

We have years of experience regarding logo design, hoarding graphics and sign manufacture, providing you with peace of mind that the services we offer are genuine and that all products are finished to the quality standard you deserve.

What do you require?

Whether you require low-cost hoardings to complete a project on a budget, or premium quality hoarding panels to stand out above the rest, we have the solutions for you.

We will work closely with you to design your corporate hoardings, discussing ideas about how things should sit, which material you would prefer to use, and where your hoardings will be installed of course. Our initial consultation will involve gathering all the ideas and requests you have, to ensure the process runs smoothly from start to finish. We make sure nothing is missed, following our own guidelines and processes that have served us well for many years so far.

Budget Site Hoarding Panels

These can either be aluminium composite, foamex or printed correx panels, pinned directly to existing hoardings.

Aluminium Composite Panels

These are extremely popular throughout the sign making industry, often used for building cladding, hoardings and sign panels. They are different to both correx and foamex in the sense that they are limited to how much they expand and contract in diverse weather conditions. They provide a perfect solution for cladding existing hoardings, providing strong resistance to weather.

Correx / Foamex Panels

Correx hoarding panels or PVC foam panels are lightweight, durable and cost effective. The fluted Polypropylene material provides excellent durability in a range of applications, resisting chemicals and water as required.

What is a budget hoarding panel?
  1. Our budget panels are printed using our flat-bed large format printer. The panels are printed Bi-directional 720dpi.
  2. Panels are cut and shaped on our flat-bed cutter, a quality piece of technology with the ability to produce professional works of art.
  3. Budget hoardings are then directly installed to existing timber hoardings, fixed firmly in place with plastop (polyester top) panel pins.

How much do Budget Panels Cost?


Premium Site Hoarding Panels

Premium hoardings are typically printed with 3mm aluminium composite panels.

Aluminium Composite Panels

ACM is strong and lightweight, making it one of the most popular choices for cladding hoardings. It is highly resistant to weather and differs from correx hoardings in that it contracts and expands very little.

ACM is made by bonding 2 wafer thin sheets of aluminium either side of an acrylic base. The substrate is then painted with polyester paint, ready to accept both digital print and vinyl graphic options.

Roll to Roll Printing

The self-adhesive vinyl’s we use are all high quality. When printing, the vinyl is loaded onto the large format, roll to roll printing machine where the graphics are printed at 1440dpi. Magnificent when in full flight, the roll to roll printers can print on vinyl without producing horizontal banding, something we know our clients love. After the printing process, we leave the vinyl for 24 hours, allowing ink vapours to escape the surface, before laminating to a gloss or matt finish for the perfect protection.

Hoarding Panel Installation

Your aluminium composite board will be installed using top panel polyester pins. We’d usually recommend removing the hoarding header and kicker boards to make life easier, before re-installing them afterwards. If you are concerned that the header and kicker boards do not match the new ACM panels, we can replace them with new boards that match your corporate identity.

What is a premium hoarding panel?
  1. Our premium panels are printed using our large format, roll to roll printer. The panels are printed Bi-directional 1440dpi and laminated.
  2. Graphics are applied to 3mm aluminium composite panels using roll application.
  3. Premium hoardings are then directly installed to existing timber hoardings, fixed firmly in place with plastop (polyester top) panel pins.

How much do Premium Panels Cost?


Hoarding Panel Uses

Signstar have installed many hoarding panels in the London area, most commonly used for:

  • Temporary solutions – A lot of hoardings provide temporary boundaries around building or construction sites, preventing the public from accessing an area that might be dangerous. Although hoardings may be temporary, they provide an ideal opportunity to raise brand awareness whilst a project is in-build.
  • Crowd barriers – Gigs and other outdoor events can be surrounded using hoarding panels. The panels can provide a block between crowds and other areas that need to be protected from the large volumes of people.
  • Construction and building sites – Building site hoarding panels are there to protect the public, as well as those working within.
  • Advertising – Many people associate hoardings with advertising (and for good reason). Hoardings are big, bold and virtually unmissable, making them perfect for the marketing of business products and services on a larger scale.

Think BIG, Think Hoarding Panels

If you are looking for a company that specialises in hoarding panels in London, Signstar can assist you moving forward. One of our friendly team will gladly help you. All you need to do is get in touch to speak about a potential project.