Are you looking for Illuminated Sign Makers?

Signstar provide custom illuminated signage to help your business workplace stand out from the crowd in an eye-catching, sophisticated fashion. We have a team of experienced sign makers, who’ll work with you from start to finish to ensure you have the perfect light up sign for your needs. From illuminated exterior signs to LED signage we have all styles covered.

We offer a comprehensive service covering everything from design to manufacturing and much more. Should you be looking for a company that offers professional illuminated signage throughout London or the rest of the UK, be sure to get in touch with Signstar today and we can provide you with all the details you need regarding pricing and the processes we have in place to ensure a successful project.

Illuminated Signage Design

Before any installation, we carry our illuminated signage design. With our design service for illuminated signs, one of our team will discuss your ideas and work with you to create a design. The design concept will encompass a number of things such as colour, branding, material choice and a number of other factors. The design of your light up sign will be agreed with you before the manufacturing of your sign begins.

Our team are highly skilled illuminated sign designers and have all the skills needed to ensure a professional signage design is created. We can design a number of different light up signs including LED, neon and many more. When it comes to illuminated sign design, be sure to get in touch with our team at Signstar.

Type of Illuminated Signs

When it comes to illuminated signage there are many different options available to you. From static custom LED signage to sophisticated neon signs, Signstar’s comprehensive service ensures you receive the fullest selection of custom illuminated signage available on the market today. Some of the light up signs we offer include:

  • Illuminated warning signs
  • Light up window signs
  • LED logo signs
  • Illuminated shop signage
  • Light box signs
  • Bespoke illuminated building signs
  • LED signage
  • Branded Illuminated Signage
  • Backlit signs
  • Illuminated LED Signs
  • Light up interior signs

Our job as experts in illuminated signage, is to help you choose an option which best suits your needs. Of course, with all the experience and knowledge we possess, we are able to do so with ease. Our creative team can work closely with you to help you choose an appropriate form of signage with will offer super effective results, allowing potential customers to see you with ease, even in the darkest hours…

Having Light Up Signage Installation Carried Out

Now that you have found a company that offers professional illuminated signage installation in, it’s time for you to know the important details.

The process is actually pretty straightforward. We will do the following:

  • Visit your site
  • Discuss your needs in person
  • Help you determine the best option
  • Work with you on the design of your illuminated sign
  • Manufacture your illuminated sign for you
  • Arrange a suitable time to install your signage
  • Visit your premises to professionally install the finished product(s)

Signstar are always willing to provide expert recommendations to fulfill your needs. Whether this is working to a budget or to the restrictions of the area, we are more than happy to offer assistance where possible.

Choose Signstar for Illuminated Sign Installation

Should you be looking for illuminated sign installers, Signstar are ready and waiting to assist you. Our team of creative individuals can work with you to deliver the goods. In the past we have designed and manufactured decorative, illuminated signs that have been professional installed to the exterior of shops, office buildings, hotels, restaurants and airports too.

Illuminated signs work especially well in areas that aren’t particularly well lit. Throughout the day and at night, nothing makes more impact than an illuminated sign. With that being said, take advantage of the professional services offered by Signstar. Contact us today we will make sure you find the custom illuminated signage system that best suits your needs.

Illuminated Sign FAQs

An illuminated sign is a sign that is illuminated by electrical means. All wiring and accessory electrical equipment should conform to current standards and regulations.
The cost of an illuminated sign depends on a number of factors such as the material your sign is made from and the size of your sign. For a quote for illuminated signage, be sure to get in touch and one of the Signstar team will be happy to help.
Whether you need planning permission depends on if your many different things such as if your in a conservation area or you have a listed building. Most types of outdoor illuminated signage will need advertisement consent from your local authority. We always recommend checking with your local authority before having any type of signage installed.
Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are a solid state semi-conductor device which can covert electrical energy directly into light energy. LED signs are becoming increasingly popular due to their flexibility, low energy usage and smart appearance.
When it comes to illuminated signs there are many different colours to choose from ranging from red to white and many more. For more information on the coloured illuminated signs we have available be sure to give us a call.
A light box sign can be used on the inside or outside of your property and is connected to your mains electricity. The lightbox is an encapsulated box with lighting tubes installed inside and a graphic applied to the front. A light box can also have a cut logo or lettering that can be installed inside to create an illuminated effect.
Most signs generally should have some maintenance schedule. Depending on the type of sign this can range from just a light wipe over to a thorough cleaning and relamping. Maintenance should be carried out at regular intervals throughout the year. If in doubt about your maintenance requirements please do not hesitate to contact us and we can provide this as an after sales service on your new or existing sign.
The best type of light based sign for your business is the one that attract people to your business. This sign should meet your needs whilst also being inline with branding and creating customer appeal. We’ll work with you through the design process to ensure your new illuminated store signage is exactly how it’s needed to be.