Illuminated Sign Makers in London

Specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of beautiful illuminated signs, Signstar are highly talented when it comes to producing illuminated signage for clients in London. We have many years experience under our belts and have worked with clients further afield, across the UK and around the world.

Should you be looking for London based illuminated sign makers, Signstar is the company for you. We have a team of sign makers in house, ready and willing to work with you to produce the illuminated sign you have been thinking about. The first thing for you to do is get in touch so we can start discussing your ideas. From there we will produce a variety of concepts to see which one you like the most. Once you are totally happy with the design of your sign, we can get to work bringing your sign to life.

Types of Illuminated Signage

  • Illuminated warning signs
  • Light up window signs
  • LED logo signs
  • Illuminated shop signage
  • Light box signs
  • Backlit signs
  • Illuminated LED Signs

There are many different types of illuminated signage available, please call us on 020 8446 3400 and we’ll be happy to discuss the options that we have available.

What can light up signs be used for?

Light up signs are magnificent in all their glory, glowing and gleaming in such a way that they are practically unmissable.

Over the teas we have manufactured illuminated signage for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Hotel’s
  • Hairdressers
  • Bars
  • Vans
  • Factories/Warehouses
  • … and much more!

Signstar believe that light up signs, when done right, can open the door to a world of new opportunities. Well positioned illuminated signs can often be the difference between gaining that all important new customer or watching them pass by.

Illuminated signs can be used for a number of things. Building brand awareness, informing people of where you are, promoting new offers, products of services, directing, informing or capturing attention, whatever reasons you have for wanting illuminated signage to market your business, Signstar have are the tools within our arsenal to help you along the way.

Are you looking for Illuminated Sign Specialists in London?

If you are, you can stop searching now. Signstar are one of the leading illuminated sign makers in all of London. Below, we have listed just a few of the many reasons why we think you should choose us when looking for illuminated signs in London.

  • Our cost-effective service
  • Our constant strive to deliver the best customer care
  • Our continued development of materials / machinery to ensure the highest quality levels
  • Our passion for producing the very best signs in London
  • Our ability to take any idea and bring it to life

Choose Signstar for Illuminated Signage in London

The service we offer is uniquely tailored to every individual client we work with. With each and every new illuminated sign we make, we will provide a personal service to ensure the process is a smooth one from start to finish.

Signstar have been professionally producing light up signs in London for many years now, striving for excellence and consistently delivering on our promise to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We will always prioritise our customers needs over our own. Quality is far better than quantity from our point of view.

At this point we’d love to hear from you. Bring us your ideas and we can get to work designing and producing an illuminated sign that will help you to stand out from the busy London crowd. Be sure to get in touch!

Illuminated Building Sign FAQs

Whether you’ll need planning permission will depend on a number of factors such as if your in a conservation area or you have a listed building. Most types of outdoor light up signage will need advertisement consent from your local authority. We always recommend checking with your local authority before having any type of signage installed.
The cost of a light up sign will depend on a number of things such as the material your sign is made from and the size of your sign. For a quote for illuminated store signage or light up signs, be sure to get in touch and one of the Signstar team will be happy to help.
Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are a solid state semi-conductor device which can covert electrical energy directly into light energy. LED signs are becoming increasingly popular due to their flexibility, low energy usage and smart appearance.
Yes! Light box signage can be used on the inside or outside of your property and is connected to your mains electricity. The lightbox is an encapsulated box with lighting tubes installed inside and a graphic applied to the front. A light box can also have a cut logo or lettering that can be installed inside to create an illuminated effect.
Yes! When it comes to light up signs, we have many different options to choose from. From traditional white to red and many more, the colour options are endless. Should you require more information on the coloured lights we offer, be sure to get in touch with our team at Signstar.